Auto Insurance: Should I get a six month or 12 month policy?

When you purchase your auto insurance policy make sure you get an annual 12-month policy rather than a six-month policy. And the reason for that is, it locks in your rate for a year rather than six months.

Auto Insurance:  Should I get a six month or 12 month policy?

How does that benefit you? It benefits you because if you had a loss or claim within that time it takes longer for that to be rerated upon your renewal or with a new quote and to go onto your policy. Also, if there have been RATE increases in your area; say your neighborhood or your zip code because there’s been a lot of accidents, when they rerate your policy on that renewal, they can increase your rate and it has nothing to do with you.

So, make sure you get a 12-month policy and not a six-month policy. Get an annual policy when you get your new policy or when your policy renews. I hope that helps everyone you have a great week. And if you need a quote and you’re in Ohio, give me a call 614-642-0941. Or if you have any questions about insurance, I’ll be happy to answer them thank you bye.

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