Auto Insurance: Street Legal is Bad

Auto Insurance:  Street Legal is Bad

Your tip of the day has to do with your auto insurance policy and you being what we call STREET LEGAL. STREET LEGAL is bad. It is something that you should only be or have as policy limits if you can do no better, if you have no assets, or if you don’t need to worry about being sued, if you do not own a business and if you are not an executive or a high-end professional.

It is when your bodily injury and property damage liability limits are set at 25,000 per occurrence that means per accident up to 50,000 per policy period which is usually a year. So that means if you hit somebody and that person hits somebody else and both their cars cost a total of over $50,000, you don’t have enough money on that policy.

I don’t think, and I’m pretty sure you saving $100 a year or even $200 a year was not worth being sued for anywhere between 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 to $50,000 because you need to save a couple of dollars on your insurance policy. This is not to benefit me. It’s not to benefit insurance agents. This is to benefit you because regardless of who is at fault you can be sued in an accident. And you know that when you have a little bit of money everybody is looking to get a little bit of your money or some or not or if not all your money so we’re going to go over this again; being street legal is not good – that’s that 25,000 / 50,000-dollar bodily injury property damage liability limits on your auto insurance policy.

Raise those limits because most accidents cost more than that and you want to be covered you want it so that if they sue you or if they don’t and you have to pay out some money and it is your fault – sometimes things end up being YOUR FAULT that aren’t your fault. Unfortunately, this is life! I hit a guy, in my car, that ran out in front of me on his bicycle and it was my fault. It cost $90,000 for him to be airlifted to the hospital.

Raise your limits people – being street legal is not worth it!

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