Can I sue an at-fault driver with no insurance?

I’m not here today to give you a tip I’m here to discuss situations that happen when people are lot and a question that they asked me the question that they ask me a lot is can I sue the other person or can my insurance company sued them or can I sue my insurance company? so before I get into the reasons why these situations come up let’s talk about can you sue? the answer is yes! absolutely you can sue people all day. And probably anytime anywhere for damn near anything. You can probably sue your mom if you want to. So yes you can sue people. but that’s not the issue.

Can I sue an at-fault driver with no insurance

the issue is will you win, can you afford to, and is it worth it? so let’s break that down. attorneys don’t do anything for free. they’re going to charge you to sue somebody OK so you have to make sure that you have the money and the time and everything you need in order for you to go after and sue somebody.

OK so think about that number 1 – #2 is that person worth suing (let me see they hit you they have no insurance they took off you found them somehow whatever the case may be, I’m willing to bet 9 out of ten of them don’t even have anything worth suing number) 3 can you sue your insurance company (I’m not sure what that’s gonna do or why and who got confused with that, but I mean it just doesn’t make any sense). what you can do is, you can make sure that you have the coverage that you need, because there’s a lot of people out here with absolutely no coverage, and that way you don’t have to waste any time.

you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars giving it to an attorney so they can try to sue somebody that has no money OR after you pay them you may not even win and you spend time in a lawsuit and going to court, filling out paperwork when you could have been making money so now you’re losing money. so my suggestion to you is to make sure that you are fully covered so that when some irresponsible idiot hits you, you don’t have to go through any of this. all you do is call us or your insurance company, I should say, and say, “hey someone just hit me, come get my shit and fix my shit because I’ve been paying you to do that and that’s your job”, and insurance company will go, “yes Sir, we just need the ask you a couple of questions”. and you’re going to answer those couple of questions and guess what? your vehicle is going to be fixed regardless of what happened with that other person,

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