How To: Auto Insurance Quotes

How to: Auto Insurance Quotes

Hello everyone, this is Angela Beasley your friendly local insurance agent and I figured out how to make my tripod work, not that you care. Your insurance quote for the day has to do with an insurance tip your insurance tip of the day has to do with an auto insurance quote. When you get an auto insurance quote make sure they pull your MVR that means “motor vehicle record” and they pull your CLUE AKA loss history report. The reason for that is you are going to get a more accurate quote when they pull that information and when you go to purchase the policy, it is going to be the price that they quoted you.

If they do not pull that record, then the quote will probably go up because they haven’t pulled all your information. Nine times out of 10 or maybe 99.9% out of 100, most of us have something in our loss history or our motor vehicle report that will affect the rate that you are going to be paying when you solidify or bind your policy.

Companies don’t like to pull these reports because it cost them a few dollars to pull. And they want to wait until you say, “yes I want to buy this” and then they surprise you BOOM it went from $600 to $1200 a year. Not good! So ask, “Have you pulled my motor vehicle record, and have you pulled my CLUE Loss History report?” That way you can be sure that the rate you’re getting and what you come to me with is an accurate rate, and you know what you’re dealing with. Thank you so much for tuning into my insurance tips and if you are in Ohio and you need a quote give me a call.

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