Insurance Agents do not Set Rates or Premiums

Insurance Agents do not Set Rates or Premiums

Hello everyone, my name is Angela Beasley and I’m here with your quick insurance tip of the day and that tip is we, insurance agents, that’s me, yes, I’m an insurance agent. I think you already know that we do not we do not EVER set insurance rates or premiums.

If we set a rate or change a rate that carrier gives us, we will go to prison. We will go to jail, and we will be locked up in the FEDS (federal prison) and you will have to come visit us in jail.

So, when you call us for a quote and we ask you, “What are you currently paying?” Just make it easier for us so we can help you help yourself and give us that premium so that we can then shop and find the best quote for you because we don’t set rates. The only thing we can do to make a policy lower is if your circumstances change or if we remove some very important insurance coverage that you most likely need. So, please help us help you and let us know what you’re currently paying.

And remember “insurance agents” that’s me, We Do Not Set Insurance Rates – were not allowed to, we’re not allowed to touch them. We don’t run to the back and tell our used car manager, “Oh, I really like this person” or “I want to make more money can you raise or lower his or her rate?” we cannot do that! Follow me for more tips and you have a great evening

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