escrow refund

Returned Insurance premium from HO policies that are escrow billed

FYI regarding returned INSURANCE payments or premium from a Homeowner’s insurance policy that is escrow billed.

If you get a check back from your insurance company for a homeowners policy, find out why. Do NOT spend it before you find out why you got it. If that money needs to go back into your escrow account, make sure it does. Loan companies will tell you they put it in your escrow account, when you return it, and not put it in your escrow account.

They will apply it to your home loan and screw you royally because some (not most) of them are lazy or incompetent and you will wind up paying for it.

Do NOT take their word for it. Follow-up, call them and do whatever you need to do until you have confirmed, in writing, that they have returned that money to your escrow account, if that is where you want it to go!

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