Save on Auto Insurance with Grange

One of my carriers “Grange” just came up with a great way to save money on your car insurance with a product called “OnTrack”.  What I like about this particular product is that it helps you save money on your car insurance policy at renewal if you meet their guidelines, AND it doesn’t penalize or raise your rates if you don’t.

The App works by tracking:

• Total Mileage (e.g., driving short distances, road trips)
• Time of Day (e.g., late-night driving, rush hour)
• Smoothness (e.g., hard braking, harsh acceleration)
• Road Type (e.g., highways, local roads)

Watch this video to find out more about OnTrack, and call me for a free insurance quote so that you can start saving today!  Phone 614-642-0941

OnTrack with Grange from Grange Insurance on Vimeo.

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